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Pochettino provides good news on Alderweireld injury

Toby Alderweireld’s substitution was apparently precautionary. Whew!

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The whole of Tottenham Hotspur nation gulped in unison when they watched Toby Alderweireld leave the pitch in the 65th minute of Spurs’ 2-2 draw with Manchester City. But there’s good news: manager Mauricio Pochettino has given an update on Alderweireld’s condition on Tottenham’s website, and it doesn’t appear to be anything too serious.

“He felt tight in his hamstring but I don’t believe it’s a big issue. We’ll know better in a few days but it doesn’t look bad.”

Toby was subbed off for midfielder Harry Winks, and since Kevin Wimmer had already been substituted for Son Heung-Min, that left a center back pairing of Eric Dier and Victor Wanyama for the remaining half hour of the match. Thankfully, nobody derped too badly, Sonny scored, and Spurs were able to hang on for the draw.

In addition, Poch also gave an update on Erik Lamela, who is actually dead has been dealing with a pernicious hip injury for the past few months. Lamela had another scan of his hip upon his return from Italy, where he spent some time with his old physio at Roma to help in his recuperation, and Poch said that, well, not much has changed.

“The result was the same so now it’s about how he adapts his programme. Now he’ll start to run. It’s positive, now it’s about building his fitness and to try to challenge the pain he feels in his hip, but I think this will be positive.”

I know I’ve expressed some doubt as to the veracity of Pochettino’s statements on player injuries (one can assume RE: his statement on Toby that he’s probably out for, let’s say, a month), and I’m also not a doctor of any kind. However it does make me wonder when the next step in Lamela’s recovery plan is apparently “let’s try playing through the pain.”

Spurs have done well without Lamela but everyone wants him back as soon as possible and putting in 30 yard rabona goals again. Let’s hope that whatever Lamela is going through he can get himself healed up as soon as possible.