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Monday Hoddle of Coffee: Sad Pep Guardiola Edition, January 23, 2017

Kyle Walker made Pep sad y’all.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Here’s the thing: We’ve known for a long time that Pochetinno Spurs are secretly super dirty. Remember, Dele Alli is a humungous jerk and that is why we love him. And he’s not alone.

So is Jan Vertonghen. (Ask Villa fans.) And Erik Lamela, who I can only assume is running down puppies on a segway while he’s nursing his “hip” injury. There’s also Eric Dier, of course, and Danny Rose.

The beautiful thing is that my new all-time favorite Pochettino Spurs Jerk Move comes from a totally different member of the squad:

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

We’ve known for a long time that Kyle Walker loves a good prank. But I don’t think I appreciated until this weekend how much he has learned of the dark arts from Poche and Dele and Dier and Rose and Coco and all the other people I have an irrational love for who are currently at Spurs.

And let’s be clear: It’s not just that he blatantly shoved Raheem Sterling in the back on a breakaway, thwarting Sterling’s shot and somehow avoided a red card or giving up a penalty. It’s not even just that he had Pep doing his best impression of Angry Jurgen Klopp on the sideline immediately after.

It’s that after the game he talked with reporters about the shove and the dude clearly doesn’t even care: “I wasn’t going to get (the ball) otherwise. You have to put him off as much as possible. Hugo pulled off the save and I think we got the draw we deserved.”

“The draw we deserved.” Kyle: We did not deserve a draw. City killed us. But we got a draw. And your dark arts mastery is a big part of why we got the draw.

Discussion starter: What’s your favorite Poche Spurs being humungous jerks story?