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Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino visits former player Ryan Mason in hospital after horrific injury

Poch spoke highly of Mason and his ability to make a full recovery after cracking his skull in a collision with Gary Cahill.

Chelsea v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino visited Hull City midfielder Ryan Mason in a west London hospital today, four days after the former Spurs player suffered a cracked skull in a head-to-head collision with Chelsea player Gary Cahill.

According to the Independent, Pochettino visited the hospital along with assistants Jesus Perez and John McDermott, and delivered a video message from Mason’s former teammates at Tottenham. In comments to the press on Thursday, Poche said that only the fact that the team was training in Barcelona when the incident happened prevented him from visiting him earlier.

“We were in Barcelona on Sunday watching the game and saw live the situation. We have kept in touch with his family, his fiancee and it was a difficult moment. We were very worried about what happened. Like all of the people that know him, it was hard and was difficult to see.

Earlier, Pochettino expressed support for Mason in a video tweet on Tottenham’s official account.

The outpouring of support for Mason has been nothing short of spectacular. The supporters of both Hull City and Tottenham have rallied behind him in a way I haven’t really seen since Fabrice Muamba collapsed due to cardiac arrest on the White Hart Lane pitch.

Today, before Hull’s 2-1 home win over Manchester United in their first EFL Cup semifinal tie, the Hull City players warmed up in special Ryan Mason 25 shirts to show their support.

Pochettino, meanwhile, said that he believes that Mason will make a full recovery.

“[Ryan] is a special player for us, and for me personally. He grew up here at Tottenham, he is a person that we love. He is very strong, mentally. His mentality, his personality. He has suffered a lot in the past, he has suffered a lot of injuries and it’s sure that he can recover as soon as possible.

"He is strong and he has people around him, his family, that help him a lot and us, too, who will push him to recover as soon as possible.”