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Tuesday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: News and Links for October 31st, 2017

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Good morning Spursland!

Not going to lie to you guys- it was pretty hard to find Spurs-related stories for you this morning that aren’t focused on urine-throwing. Look, I’m not saying I deserve more credit for doing this job than I get here at CFC Towers, but when it involves wading through piss to bring you the news to you guys...

Aaaaanyway, here’s your Theme of the Day(s upon Days).


ESPN thinks that Mauricio Pochettino might be heading for a reunion with Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw, a player that Danny Rose almost certainly won’t need to Google.

Roger Goodell dropped in on our new stadium yesterday and by the sound of things we won’t be needing a hail mary to win his approval (I literally don’t know anything about NFL, sorry).

Elsewhere in football...

Sean Dyche may be bringing his gruff anti-charm and disc beard to Goodison Park in the near future as the Everton higher-ups line him up for an interview for their managerial vacancy.

Dyche’s bid to win the Blues’ hot set may be frustrated, however, if Sam Allardyce decides to neck his pint of wine, rip his shirt off and climb into the ring for the role.

Meanwhile over in continental Europe, Serie A continues to be disorientatingly lit.

And hey, the guys we’re playing tomorrow in the Champions League faltered pretty badly over the weekend, going down to a 2-1 defeat against Girona. Here’s a writeup of whether things went wrong for Los Blancos over on Managing Madrid.