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Eriksen: Tottenham stars are “comfortable” playing under Pochettino

"He has given stability not only to me but to the whole club.”

Republic of Ireland v Denmark - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Play-Off: Second Leg Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Christian Eriksen had a pretty good day on Tuesday, scoring a hat trick and leading his Denmark team to a convincing 5-1 win over Ireland. The result clinched a World Cup berth for Denmark for the first time since 2010.

Afterwards, Eriksen was equally glowing about his club football as he was about his international squad, saying that he loves being at Tottenham Hotspur and his relationship with Mauricio Pochettino is excellent.

"[Pochettino] has given stability not only to me but to the whole club. That's the main thing for a player. You feel comfortable, you feel aware of everything around you and you don't think about anything other than football when you're on the pitch.

"All the players have long-term contracts. They feel safe being here. It's why you commit your future to a place like this. [Pochettino] gives his players a lot of confidence and he trusts to let them play.

"I have played a lot of games under the manager now. He knows what I'm good for and what I'm not good for but he trusts me completely. You feel that trust and it makes you want to do everything for him.”

Eriksen ended his campaign with Denmark as the third highest scorer in UEFA World Cup qualifying with 11 goals, behind only Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo. And while he hasn’t brought that kind of lethal scoring touch to Spurs this season, he also hasn’t had to — he’s at a club where he is valued as much for his passing and vision as for his goals. Matches like yesterday, however, show that he’s got that incredible scoring ability in his pocket.

Eriksen’s heroics in Ireland yesterday will no doubt link him to all big clubs various and sundry as the football media finally starts to catch on that, y’know, this guy is pretty good. That’s to be expected, and Spurs fans should brace themselves for it. Eriksen now has a World Cup platform this summer with which he can showcase his skills on the biggest stage in football.

However, it sure doesn’t sound like he’s in a hurry to leave. Eriksen’s comments show that he’s happy with his position right now, and doesn’t appear to be angling for a move elsewhere. That’s great news for Spurs.