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Recurrently Generated Football League: Fab Town

Now a Bod, Always a Bod.

Fab Town Crest
Bodland Fabrdeworth Inyers Alusinby Town
Tyson Whiting, designer

Because it’s the international break and we’re bored, the writers of Cartilage Free Captain have been experimenting with machine learning and recurrent neural networks. The Recurrently Generated Football League is an outgrowth of that experimentation: a collection of generated fictional English football club names. The stadiums and SB Nation blogs are also recurrently generated. This is a fictional biography of a fictional football club generated by a computer. For science.

The powerhouse of English football in the 1910s, Bodland Fabrdeworth Inyers Alusinby Town (Fab Town) have spent the last 50 years languishing in the lower leagues. But their star has been on the rise of late, mostly thanks to their rescue from administration by William Alexander Lavar. A billionaire with an intense and uncanny passion for footballing history, Lavar earned his fortune through a shrewd set of early-1990s investments in the Baltics, eventually using some of that cash (£0.50, plus the assumption of more than £85 million in debt) to rescue Kent's most storied club from disaster.

Their lifeline has not gone to waste. With a newly-modernised stadium, a top-class training ground and major investment in players, coaches and referees, Bodland Fabrdeworth Inyers Alusinby Town have marched back up the pyramid. Back to back to back promotions culminated with Bodland Fabrdeworth Inyers Alusinby Town laying waste to League One, setting the all-time points record for a 46-game season with 116. The goal is now clear: a return to the top flight and silverware for a club that's been without a major trophy since (they claim) 1945.

The club’s newfound success has been tempered by the usual issues. A significant fraction of the supporters who attended matches in Bodland Fabrdeworth Inyers Alusinby Town’s non-league days have been unimpressed with the thousands of newcomers accommodated by The Shant’s recent expansion -- chants of “Where were you when Bodland Fabrdeworth Inyers Alusinby Town were sh*t?” are still not uncommon to overhear in the Blamper Street Stand -- and the 2015 installation of a 10’ statue of Lavar, flanked by two golden peacocks, at the entrance of the ground drew national mockery. Still, Bodland Fabrdeworth Inyers Alusinby Town have seen far worse days, and most long-term fans have been philosophical about the sudden influx of new blood. “Now a Bod,” they say, “always a Bod.”

Fab Town kits Tyson Whiting, designer