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Details leak about Tottenham Hotspur 2018-19 kits

The usually-reliable Footy Headlines is back with info about next season’s shirts

It feels like it was only yesterday that we were finally getting confirmed details about this season’s Tottenham Hotspur home, away, and third kits. I guess Kit Leak Season™ comes earlier and earlier every season -- it’s not even 2018 and we’re already getting leaks out about what Spurs will be wearing in 2018-19.

The almost-always-reliable Footy Headlines website claims to have details on what Tottenham’s Nike-made home and away kits will look like when they play their first season in their new stadium. And unlike this year’s rather plain and understated jerseys, this will have a little more... panache, with the home kit supposedly featuring a gradient pattern but dumping the shield crest.

Hmmmm. A gradient is interesting, but we don’t know what this gradient will look like. The article says the gradient will fade to navy blue at the bottom of the shirt, but I gotta say that the gradient in the above image sure does have a bit of the sash vibe to it, don’t you think?

And somehow I missed this at the end of last month, but there are also minor details about Spurs’ away kits as well. According to FH, Tottenham will again sport mostly navy blue away jerseys like this past year, but with “a bold graphic...” in turquoise.

Footy Headlines is pretty solid on their kit leaks — they don’t usually get things wrong even if they only release general details, and they were right from day 1 about the plain shirts and shield crest last season. So there’s a pretty decent chance that this is accurate, at least in broad strokes.

What do you think?