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Victor Wanyama reveals Tottenham’s worst dancer and other team banter

Big Vic shed a little insight into the team dynamic inside the Spurs dressing room, and it’s delightful.

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Hey, it’s a decidedly Tottenham Hotspur-free weekend, so we must needs look for alternate forms of entertainment here at Cartilage Free Captain. Thankfully, we didn’t have to look too far for it, and it came courtesy of a YouTube video featuring Victor Wanyama.

This has been done a few times before, but it’s still pretty great: video a Tottenham player dishing out dirt about his teammates (while many of his teammates look on). This time it’s Big Vic’s turn, and he doesn’t disappoint. It’s a delightful video.

For those of you who don’t want to watch the whole video, here are Victor’s opinions on his teammates:

  • Worst Dancer: Eric Dier
  • Best Dancer: Serge Aurier (GK N’Koudou is second, Aurier beat him in a dance-off)
  • Best Player: Mousa Dembele
  • Hardman: Jan Vertonghen (because Vic won't pick himself)
  • Funnyman: Son Heung-Min
  • Prankster: Jan Vertonghen
  • Biggest Diva: Harry Winks (he parks in Vic's parking space; Winks says lol no it's Vic)
  • Most Intelligent: Mousa Dembele (but DEFINITELY not Moussa Sissoko)
  • Selfie-Obsessed: Moussa Sissoko
  • Fashion Disaster: Christian Eriksen (he only wears black)
  • Kit Man's Nightmare: Dele Alli

My reactions:

I find it interesting that just about every time anyone asks a Spurs guy who the best player on the team is, they all answer Mousa Dembele. It tells you what an impact he has on that squad.

I could throw some shade at Moussa Sissoko, but really, Vic did my job for me.

Christian Eriksen being a fashion disaster is a bit surprising, not least the revelation that he wears all black. Sure he’s a Time Lord, but even Capaldi had a red lining on his coat.

I have zero problems believing Eric Dier is a bad dancer.

What are your reactions from that video? Will Vic be allowed back on the training ground after this?