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Tottenham Hotspur 2018-19 away kits leak online

Once again, Nike is going to the Vapor template for Tottenham’s new kits.

A couple of weeks ago we shared some leaked details about Tottenham Hotspur’s 2018-19 kits as leaked by the usually reliable Footy Headlines. Today, they leaked what they purport to be the full away kit, and it’s... well, it’s definitely Nike.

We don’t have any reason to doubt that this is the right kit. For one, Footy Headlines is almost always right. Secondly, it’s very similar in design to some of the kits that have already been released for Nike’s World Cup teams this summer like Portugal’s home kit. Third, this is apparently what Barcelona’s 2018-19 training kits look like.

Honestly, I kind of hate this, and really hate that we’re back to a Nike template that will look a lot like just about every other Nike shirt in 2018-19. I dislike the sleeve, I dislike the turquoise accents. I’m also fairly certain that this is what we’ll get, and something similar for the homes. Ugh. At least with this season’s template we got something unique, i.e. the cockerel-in-shield design.

And if you REALLY wanna get mad, take a look at the reported color scheme for the thirds.

I really miss Under Armor.