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Say goodbye to White Hart Lane, and hello to a LOT of money

Spurs will drop the iconic name when the new stadium is finished, but are hoping for a record stadium rights deal.


We don’t yet know what corporation will win the naming rights for Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium, which will determine the name of Spurs’ new home. But we do now know what it WON’T be called: White Hart Lane.

According to the Times (paywalled, but reported in the Mirror), it’s now certain that when White Hart Lane is torn down this summer, the name will die with the building. That stinks, but the good news is that whoever does land the naming rights for Spurs’ new digs will be paying an English stadium record price for it.

The Times is reporting that Spurs chairman wants to secure an agreement worth more than £400m. That would be the largest stadium naming rights deal in England, and equal to the deals signed by NFL teams New York Jets, New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys.

It’s a whole lot of cheddar, and combined with the deal to play NFL games in the stadium, would go a long way towards helping to finance the full cost of the £700m stadium project.

It was previously reported that the Qatar Investment Authority has expressed interest, but it appears that there could be other interested parties and nothing is close to being decided.

Stadium naming rights are odious things to most supporters who are stuck between the prospect of losing their long-time historic stadium and replacing it with a shiny new Corporate Overlords Park. However, the club has been pretty transparent with revealing details about the new stadium, and have tailored it to enhance fan atmosphere and experience.

Losing the White Hart Lane name will be sad, but with the amount of money being thrown around, it seems like even die-hard fans might eventually have their anger assuaged by the prospect of a greater financial standing, more financial clout in the transfer window, and consistent finishes in the top four.