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Harry Redknapp laughs at Manchester United for missing out on Dele Alli

Good ol’ ‘Arry

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Harry Redknapp Press Conference Photo by Jordan Pix/ Getty Images

Whenever Harry Redknapp opens his mouth, Spurs fans listen. We know he always has the potential to say something hilarious or absurd.

And now he’s done it again! You won’t be surprised to learn that the discussion is transfer-related.

Speaking to the Telegraph, our old gaffer had some interesting things to say about Dele Alli. Specifically, about one club in particular that missed out on signing him.

“I think now he’s worth £100m,” Redknapp said. “If Pogba’s £90m, he’s more. He’s 20 years of age! The kid’s got everything – he scores goals, makes goals, can head it, run, dribble, got an edge to him, puts his foot in. I think he’s fantastic.”

“Didn’t he play against Manchester United when they beat them that day? You wonder how they didn’t take the kid from MK Dons for £5m.”

“How did they not see him? It’s incredible that no-one took him. £5m! What a signing, what a player.”

Whether he’s right or not about Dele being worth more than Pogba, ‘Arry certainly raises an interesting point about United missing out.

The match he’s talking about was a stunning 4-0 League Cup victory for League 1 MK Dons against Manchester United. It was part of a rough start for Louis Van Gaal at United. Dele went 90 minutes, and was arguably the best player on the field in a match which MK Dons thoroughly deserved to win. He was only 18 at the time.

That was in August of 2014, Spurs would eventually sign Alli 6 months later. The fee was only £5 million, which looks like a steal now considering the player Dele has become.

Maybe United did make a move for him, but encountered more fax machine troubles?

Either way, I’m sure we’ll soon hear ‘Arry come out and say something like “Did you know I could’ve signed a 12-year-old Dele when I was at Spurs?”