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Tuesday Hoddle of Coffee: Soccer News and Links, February 21, 2017

Zeman’s back. Tell a friend.

Pescara Calcio v Genoa CFC - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

We linked a story about yesterday, but let’s take a bit more time to enjoy this: Zdenek Zeman is back in Serie A. Here is Zeman’s attacking philosophy:

Zeman claims his tactics are just a simple matter of math.

“Whenever we attack, all three forwards have to be in the penalty area while two of the three midfielders come forward as well,” he once explained. “That way the opponent is pinned back. Then you put the ball in the box, and because you have more men, you have more chances of scoring. It’s not rocket science.”

That is... totally batshit crazy. It also makes for football that is completely insane, stupid, and entertaining. So it’s probably fine, especially if you are not a Pescara fan and can just enjoy the fun goofy chaos for what it is without worrying about how you’ll feel when your team gets relegated despite scoring 40 goals in your last 20 matches. Dave Selini has a nice recap of Zeman’s first game back at Pescara.

On to the Links:

The Guardian is talking about Marcelo Bielsa’s summer arrival at Lille and what it will mean for the struggling French club. I am mostly wondering at this point if Bielsa will stay under contract long enough to actually manage a game for the club.

Happy birthday to Spurs legend Jimmy Greaves!

How Monaco Built a Great Team from Their Academy

Speaking of fallen former French champions, don’t miss this profile of Auxerre.