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Monday Hoddle of Coffee: Stoke Recap, February 27, 2017

That was fun!

Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Once upon a time, Stoke was my least favorite team to play:

  • The match would be boring as hell.
  • It would turn on a stupid rugby play.
  • Charlie Adam would murder one of our players and somehow only get a yellow.

Oh, and because #narrative if any ex-Spurs players were involved they were killing us somehow.

Those days seem a long way off now, don’t they? (Never mind the fact that most of the above still applies whenever we play West Brom...) Three straight 4-0 wins, three straight games that seem to speak very well about our chances to kick on and make a very strong push for top four.

How are you feeling after yesterday? I’m pleased but a bit nervous—if Jan or Toby is out for any length of time, I’m terrified of more Wanbele 4-2-3-1 nonsense and if we go that route... yikes. Hopefully we’ll learn more about their condition soon so I can stop freaking out. Everton is next and they have the best record in 2017 of any EPL team so we really need our best defensive unit, which seems to be the three man back line with Toby, Jan, and Eric Dier.


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