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Tottenham players share their favorite pancakes in Spurs TV video


Sometimes, it’s not always about sexy through balls or nutmegs. Well, unless you’re talking about ACTUAL nutmeg, like the spice. Tottenham Hotspur just released a fun new video on their YouTube channel that shows you how to make pancakes. But not just pancakes: the favorite pancakes of Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld, Victor Wanyama, and Harry Winks.

So I have some takes.

  1. Pancakes are good.
  2. Christian Eriksen uses soy yogurt. Harry Winks uses coconut yogurt. Why are two of our best midfielders lactose intolerant, and should we be looking for that trait in the future?
  3. Toby’s pancakes look good, but come on, those aren’t pancake pancakes, those are totally crêpes. Which are delicious! But you can’t wrap REAL pancakes up in a pretty package like that.
  4. Victor Wanyama’s pancake recipe isn’t as much a recipe for pancakes as it is a recipe for a mandarin syrup. I suppose it assumes that you have a pancake lying around? Or maybe he stole Eriksen’s pancakes, I dunno. Someone needs to investigate this.
  5. Wanyama’s pancake recipe has 100% less spaghetti than I expected.
  6. Winks’ pancakes look delicious, but also totally high maintenance. Winksy, I love you, but I’m not breaking down and sauteeing a whole pineapple every time I want some brekkie.
  7. Desperately disappointed that nobody decided to make pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse.
  8. Did I mention pancakes are good?

This requires a deeper dive. Put your reactions in the comments. What players should’ve been included, and what would their Tottenham pancakes be?