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Hugo Lloris is on Real Madrid’s summer shortlist

Unsurprising news is unsurprising.

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Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Well, that didn’t take long. It hasn’t even been a week since the January transfer window closed and we’ve already got our first transfer rumor for this summer’s window. In the Telegraph, Matt Law is reporting that Hugo Lloris is back on the shortlist of Real Madrid as they continue their search for a new starting goalkeeper.

In many ways, this isn’t a whole lot different than the last time Hugo was on Madrid’s radar in the summer of 2015. Back then, Hugo was viewed as a back-up option if they weren’t able to land Manchester United’s David De Gea. This time, according to Law, he’s viewed as a back-up option (along with De Gea) if Madrid isn’t able to land Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois.

Poor Hugo. Always the bridesmaid, etc.

This news is almost entirely unsurprising, to be honest. We’ve known that Hugo has been wanted by a bunch of rich clubs for almost as long as he’s been with Tottenham. Hugo, by all indications, appears to be happy at Spurs, now that they’re doing things like qualifying for the Champions League and competing for Premier League titles.

The other good news for Spurs is that Hugo recently signed a contract extension through 2022. So if the worst happens and he does want to move on after this season for whatever reason, Spurs are in a very good position to demand ludicrously stupid money from Madrid.

This is really nothing to worry about at this stage. Hugo’s happy, Madrid’s just rattling sabers, and Spurs are in a great position both financially and status-wise. And yet this still feels like the opening salvo of what could turn into a long and drawn out transfer saga this summer. Thanks, Madrid.