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Harry Kane’s ankle injury less serious than feared

Some good news on Spurs’ talisman!

Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall - The Emirates FA Cup Quarter-Final Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur may have dodged a massive bullet.

Harry Kane suffered a scary-looking ankle injury on Sunday against Millwall. He had to be subbed off, and Spurs fans everywhere held their breath.

But now Tottenham have announced that the injury is “less severe” than the ankle injury Kane suffered against Sunderland in September. He still has ligament damage, but the extent of that damage is unknown.

The best case scenario seems to be that the ligament damage is just a sprain. That would ideally only keep him out for a few weeks. If we’re going to take the club at their word that this really is “less severe”, then this seems like the most likely time-frame.

He’ll miss some important games, but could hopefully be back when our fixtures heat up towards the end of April. The FA Cup Semifinal with Chelsea is on April 22nd, and you know Harry will want to do everything he can to at least be back for that.

Before then, we’ve got Southampton, Burnley, Swansea, Watford, and Bournemouth. These games will be tougher without Kane, but they are still very winnable without our #10.

The injury is to the same ankle that Kane injured in that Sunderland match, which kept him out for nearly two months. So less severe than that certainly means he won’t miss the rest of the season, as was reported by some outlets.

This is good news!! Kane is our leading scorer, and we obviously need him back on the pitch as soon as possible. The end of the season, and the end of White Hart Lane, wouldn’t be the same without him.