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Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Friday, March 17

In a month, Menno will be in London.

Tottenham Hotspur v Reading - Premier League 2 Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Hoddlers! It struck me tonight that in exactly one month I’ll be on a plane heading to London for the very first time, making my first and only pilgrimage to White Hart Lane.

I’m a pretty uncomplicated guy, and my story here isn’t unique. Well, except for the “online community of Tottenham fans raised money for me to go watch Spurs play” part of my story. (I still don’t think I deserve that. You all are the best.) But I can’t help but feel positively giddy that I’m going to be over there, watching my sports heroes play, meeting some of you.

I’m truly blessed.

Naturally, I plan to leverage the crap out of this trip for the site. Photos will be taken. Facebook Live videos will no doubt be posted. I’ll probably blow through my allotted cellular data for the month. Don’t care.

I just want to say that this community is by far the best online community I’ve ever been associated with, and it’s been my enduring pleasure to be able to write about Tottenham every day and have people like all of you read it.

Oh God, the feels! Quick, here are a couple of links to get you going today.

Genk just blew past Gent in the Europa League and holy crap am I mad that we pissed that competition away. That’s a suuuuuuper soft remaining field. We should’ve won it.

There’s a crazy theory floating around that could see the fourth place EPL finisher miss the Champions League if Leicester and Manchester United win their European competitions. (But just try and imagine Champions League Champions Leicester City. I can’t.)

The Mirror is claiming that if PSG dumps Unai Emery this summer, they may target Pochettino. That’s a concern, as PSG is high on Poch’s bucket list. say that Liverpool have won the battle to sign Fulham’s Ryan Sessegnon, but I’m not sure why they think they know.