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ICC 2017: Tottenham Hotspur confirmed heading to the United States

It’s no longer speculation.

Juventus FC v Tottenham Hotspur - 2016 International Champions Cup Australia Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images for ICC

Tottenham Hotspur have long been rumored to be making their way back to the United States, as we reported yesterday with the supposed leak of the schedule. Spurs couldn’t confirm anything because the official announcement had been set for today. Now that the announcement has come and gone, we can confirm that Spurs are headed to the United States and will play three matches in the ICC against some stiff competition.

The full schedule for Spurs can be seen below, and while matchups haven’t changed, the times have slightly moved based upon TV rights.

Spurs ICC schedule

The thing that sticks out most here is that two of these matches are being played in stadiums meant for american football, while the Roma match will be played in Red Bull Arena, which will cut the attendance at that match significantly.

With no European competition taking place this season and the only major tournament in play being the Confederations Cup, clubs will perhaps be bringing more of their first team squad, given that these will be close to the start of their actual seasons in August.

You can get on a waiting list to be alerted when tickets will become available, but I would strongly recommend you reach out to a local supporters group if you have one nearby as there is a strong chance that they will have access to tickets. Here’s hoping that they aren’t astronomical prices, considering that the El Clasico match in Miami is seeing the cheapest tickets going for $300 to start during the pre-sale.

We’ll have any more information for you as it becomes available.