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Hugo Lloris: Pochettino is “the best manager in the world”

Tottenham’s world-class shot-stopper says that his future is entwined with his manager’s.

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

It’s international break week, which means we get lots of interviews by Tottenham Hotspur players to foreign language media outlets, especially in the players’ home countries. These interviews can often be enlightening, because they can sometimes provide fresh perspectives on issues that we think are already known in the English media.

Ahead of France’s international games this week, Hugo Lloris has opened up about his time at Tottenham Hotspur, and his relationship with manager Mauricio Pochettino. And the news is pretty good.

"My destiny is linked to Mauricio [Pochettino], it is a certainty. I feel very good here, but in football, everything remains fragile and can rock very quickly.

"[My relationship with Pochettino] matters a lot to me. Our relationship goes beyond football. It's a meeting. He will one day be the best coach in the world. It’s already true for me. His presence and our relationship are all things that matter most to me."

For years now we’ve wondered when the other shoe is going to drop with Hugo Lloris. It felt like an absolute miracle when Spurs signed him in 2012 – Who is this incredible keeper, and why in the world has he decided to come to Spurs? After the departure of Andre Villas Boas, it seemed likely, almost probable, that Hugo would try and force a move to a bigger club that can pay him more and where he can regularly compete at the very top levels of club football. And to his credit, in past off-seasons Hugo didn’t really try to dissuade people from the idea that he might be keeping an ear to the ground.

So for Hugo to come out with this kind of a statement that reiterates his commitment to Tottenham Hotspur and his affection for Mauricio Pochettino... well, that’s just special. It’s no wonder Tottenham fans love him.

That said, his comments make it clear that if Mauricio Pochettino leaves, there’s a good chance that Hugo might leave with him.

"I will not say that I lack ambition. There are things you can not refuse. After that, that does not mean I'm desperate.

“There are teams that force admiration. They are monsters throughout their past, their legend. In 10 or 15 years, these clubs will win again. This is not the case for all. Tottenham is not a club accustomed to winning, but we're trying to create something. It is not easy to fight against European giants, but it remains a motivation.”

Ultimately, nothing’s really changed with regards to a big club coming in for Hugo, and he even admits it in his comments. Eventually, as he says, there might come an offer that’s too good for him and the club to refuse. A hypothetical departure by Mauricio Pochettino might be the catalyst not only for him, but for other Spurs players as well.

But for now, this is the clearest indication yet that Hugo has found a home in North London, and that he’s perfectly happy to stand between the sticks at Tottenham Hotspur for years to come. That feels pretty darned good.