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Tottenham Hotspur 2017-18 third kit details leak online


Well, that didn’t take long. Shortly after Footy Headlines leaked details about Tottenham Hotspur’s 2017-18 home shirts (hint: they’re white) and away shirts (shockingly, navy blue), they’re back with details about what Nike has in store for Spurs’ third kits.

After a year’s hiatus, it looks like SPURPLE is back!

So if Footy Headlines is correct (and they usually are, at least in broad strokes), the third kits aren’t going to to look dramatically different from the home and away: all three kits will have the new-but-retro cockerel-in-shield crest and will hearken back to the simple Spurs shirts of the 1960s with clean designs, a minimal look, and a classic feel.

Alan Gilzean
Alan Gilzean, in 1967. Tottenham’s 2017-18 kits are reportedly inspired by the classic shirts from the 1960s.
Photo by Don Morley/Getty Images

The difference in the third kits compared the the home and away designs appears to be a subtle camouflage pattern in the shirt itself. Footy Headlines also says the construction of the shirts will be similar to this year’s Nike Vapor AeroSwift shirts, i.e. the shirts with the two-toned shoulders that every Nike club is wearing this season, but with a couple of minor differences.

I can’t say I’m especially thrilled with the idea of a camo pattern, but if it’s subtle and not garish, I’m probably not going to complain too much. The past two Spurple third kits have been among my favorite Tottenham Hotspur shirts of all time, so I’m especially excited to see them.

Footy Headlines says that the new third shirts may not debut until next September. I, for one, will be eagerly anticipating them, and if this is what Nike has in store for us next year, I think they’ll probably be worth the wait.