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WATCH: Dele Alli tries to set the world record for nutmegs

This is an actual thing that happened.

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli likes to nutmeg people. Have we mentioned that? He’s kind of known for it. He nutmegs Luka Modric, he nutmegs his teammates, he nutmegs his coaches, probably. He even nutmegs people without touching the ball and without them knowing about it. Nutmeg, nutmeg, nutmeg.

But what happens when Dele is tasked with not only nutmegging one person a whole bunch of times, but with breaking the world record for nutmegs in 30 seconds? That’s the focus in this recent Spurs TV video, hosted on

Enter Georges-Kevin N’Koudou, who serves as the dummy (no pun intended, sorry, we love you GKN) for Dele’s world record attempt. The goal: eight figure-eight nutmegs of GKN in a not-so-wide stance in 30 seconds.

The choice of N’Koudou, arguably the fastest player on Spurs’ roster, as the one who has to sit still and let himself be nutmegged over and over again, is kind of ironic. But GKN is absolutely hysterical in this video. Check out the look he gives Dele at 0:16”, and his continual nervous glances at Dele as he protects his “family jewels” during the attempts.

SPOILER ALERT: he does it. Of course he does it, he’s Dele Alli. He could nutmeg an actual nutmeg plant. And it’s real: those are official Guinness Book of World Records observers there in the nifty suits.

All hail Dele, King of the Nutmegs and new holder of the Guinness World Record for Most Nutmegs in 30 seconds. Long may he reign.

Check out the full video here.