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Tottenham target Max Meyer is “50/50” on leaving Schalke this summer

The German international’s contract is winding down, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to leave his current club.

Brazil v Germany - Final: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 15 Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Maximilian Meyer is one of those names that keeps popping up as a summer target for Tottenham Hotspur, and it doesn’t look like those rumors are going away anytime soon. The 21-year old midfielder’s contract expires in the summer of 2018, and he is currently at loggerheads with his current club Schalke over a new deal. That’s led to the predictable rumors of a move away from the Veltins-Arena this summer.

Meyer has now opened up a bit about his contract situation and his status at Schalke, saying in RevierSport that despite the ongoing transfer talks that’s not necessarily a sign that he’s ready to quit the Bundesliga for the Premier League.

“Absolutely the thoughts are there [about leaving Schalke], my contract is running out in 2018.

“[It’s] 50/50 [whether I leave]. I can’t say whether I’m going to extend my contract this summer. Even if I don’t extend, that doesn’t mean that I’m leaving in the summer.”

Meyer is the kind of player Spurs has been targeting the past few years: young, talented, possibly undervalued, and ready for a change of scenery. It hasn’t been the best of seasons for Meyer, who has one goal and three assists thus far, and there’s been talk that he’s on the outs with manager Markus Weinzierl.

Spurs apparently put a bid in for Meyer last summer, but it’s not yet clear whether Mauricio Pochettino is interested in going back to this particular well. However, Bild says that Meyer could be had for as little as €20m (£17m), a lot lower than his price one year ago. At that kind of money, Meyer is probably a risk worth taking.