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Wrestlemania Sunday Hoddle of Coffee

Who else would give us a Sunday Wrestlemania-themed Hoddle but Salmon Chase?

WrestleMania 25 Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images

Happy WRESTLEMANIA SPURSLAND! And welcome to HODDLE...IS...Jericho (image linked and not imbedded because apparently I need to pay attention to copyright law now, I miss the old days).

I am for those who don’t know the Originator of Violence Hoddles, Salmon Chase. And THIS, is the biggest non-football day of the godd*mn year. And with that in mind I return to bring you a special, Wresltmania edition new and links. It’s true, it’s D*MN true. So everybody set your GPS for parts unknown, pack yourself a lunch because Brock Lesnar is going to put it on your back and starve you to death, and give yourselves a Wooooo for the ages. This is where dreams are realized and legends made.

Poche:Moussa A Genius- Sky Sports

It doesn’t get much better than Moussa. In fact he may just be a Genius. And he certainly is versatile, but how many moves does he really have? Certainly not 1004 right? Think I shoehorned that in there? WELL YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

Poche: Spurs Can Still Fight For The Title-ESPN FC

Pitty this rings about as true as if say Jim Cornette said it about my BOY, and St. Edwards Eagles Career Pins King Dolph Ziggler.

Could Wenger’s Future Ride on One Game-SB Nation Soccer

One last match and if he loses his career is over? On the same day as Wrestlemania? Are Arsenal Playing Shawn Michaels?

Potential German International Bastian Such-and-Such Scores In Chicago Fire Debut-SB Nation Soccer

Did someone say...German?

Potential Wrestlemania Surprises-Cageside Seats

We all know there is one thing that WILL happen and won’t be a surprise even if he is legit great now. BOOOOOOOO

Oh and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take this opportunity to SHAMELESSLY plug my stand up comedy dates (BTW f*ck Kayfabe, my real name is Andy Lane)

  • April 5th I’ll be at Victoria Free House in Philadelphia I’ll go on around 9:30
  • April 12, I’m at Bar 13 in Wilmington De at 8 pm
  • April 28 I’ll be In Allentown PA Venue is yet to be determined. Follow me on Twitter for updates @pigracechampion
  • May 19 I’ll be at the Station Bar in Cranberry NJ 8 PM show
  • May 22 I’ll be at Dangerfields in NYC * PM show (Tell the door guy you are there to see me)

Editor’s note: I was going to make a Sunday football open thread, but f*ck it, this will do. Thanks. Salmon. Here are the Sunday football games. Talk amongst yourselves.

  • Swansea City vs. Middlesbrough - 1:30 pm (8:30 am ET)
  • Arsenal vs. Manchester City - 4:00 pm (11:00 am ET)