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Monday Hoddle of Coffee, Soccer News and Links, April 3, 2017

When good things happen to Spurs... what do you do?

Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Obviously there is a fearfulness in spending too much time as a Spurs fan looking at the teams above you in the table rather than the teams below you. We should know better by now than to assume anything about how a season is going to play out. So we need to be cautious, mindful of how challenging this will be, and so on. But here’s the thing y’all: We’re seven points behind Chelsea. By Thursday, the gap could be smaller still. So. How are you feeling about that? Nervous? Excited? Refusing to acknowledge it because you’re terrified of angering the soccer gods and getting another St. Totteringham’s or Chelsea 2012 UCL title-type screwjob for your trouble? Basically, my question is how you’re coping as a Spurs fan when something good happens to you?


Russian Premier League teams are enjoying new stadiums ahead of next summer’s World Cup. Too bad no one is going to the games behind held in them.

This amused me:

This Managing Madrid piece on Zidane’s time in Italy was smart and helpful.

We may never see another player quite as odd as Thomas Muller.

Don’t miss this Juve friend talking about the joy of watching Paulo Dybala.