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These probably aren’t Tottenham’s 2017-18 kits, but it’d be okay if they were

They’re very “Nike-templatey,” but I could live with these. Alas, they probably aren’t real.

For some reason, someone on Spurs Twitter decided that the day before the North London Derby was a good time to potentially leak Tottenham Hotspur’s new kit designs. Or, to put it more precisely, what Tottenham’s new kits might look like, if they were real. Which these probably aren’t, but we’re going to post them anyway.

So why don’t I think these are real? For basically one reason only: they don’t feature the cockerel-in-shield crest, which Footy Headlines has said will be a defining feature of the new kits. That makes me think that these are fan-made concept kits, especially since the poster found them “on Facebook.” (Also because, generally speaking, past real kit leaks have been much higher quality.) Footy Headlines has also suggested that Nike’s new Spurs kits won’t necessarily follow a template out of the catalog.

That said, as concept kits go they tick all the right boxes for me. The home kits include the “racing stripe” motif that Footy Headlines hinted would be present, and while both the home and away kits have a lot in common with England’s current shirts, they’re both reasonably attractive. The third kits are weird as hell, which is fine because that’s what you expect from a third kit. I’d be totally okay if any of these were real. But they’re probably not.

We’re close to the point in the season where we start getting new kit teasers from the club, and I’d expect that within a few weeks we’ll at least get the real home and away designs. Based on what has been rumored, there’s reasons to be optimistic that Nike will put together something good for Spurs’ season in the wilderness at Wembley.