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Chas & Dave, Spurs Ladies to make appearance at White Hart Lane farewell

Along with Harry Winks... and maybe Adele?

Keith Burkinshaw of Tottenham Hotspur

It’s not really a Tottenham Hotspur party unless Chas & Dave are there, and thankfully that won’t be a problem on Sunday. Spurs announced that the English pop rock duo, inextricably tied to Tottenham Hotspur thanks to their Spurs’ centric songs, will make an appearance, no doubt to thunderous applause, at Spurs’ farewell ceremony to White Hart Lane on Sunday after the match against Manchester United.

Even if you don’t know Chas & Dave by name, if you’re a Tottenham fan you know their songs. “Ossie’s Dream” and “Hot Shot Tottenham” are frequently sung by supporters in the stands during matches, and “Glory, Glory, Tottenham Hotspur” is still played over the tannoy after every Spurs win at White Hart Lane. Chas & Dave hit their peak in the 1980s with their “Rockney” musical style.

Unfortunately, the one thing Chas & Dave WON’T be doing is singing — Chas was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February and hasn’t yet been cleared to perform, so it’ll be an interview at the center circle. But I bet there will be plenty of renditions of their songs from the stands.

Also making an appearance will be Tottenham Hotspur Ladies and their manager, Karen Hills. Spurs Ladies won a treble in their best ever season this year, winning two of three cup finals and winning the league. They play Blackburn Rovers Ladies this Sunday in a one match promotion playoff match for ascension to the second division of English women’s football.

The club also noted in their release that Harry Winks, who was sidelined for the season after injuring his ankle against Burnley in April, will also speak about his debut season at Tottenham, and will present gifts to the Spurs ball boys and girls.

Spurs are expected to pull out the stops during the ceremony, which will be streamed on Tottenham’s Facebook page and on in the USA. There have been rumors on various social media outlets that singer Adele might make a surprise appearance in the ceremony as well, though nothing concrete has been released. Adele is a huge Spurs fan and has been known to talk about Spurs and display Spurs merchandise during her concerts.

The ceremony will begin 15 minutes after the final whistle of the match against United.