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Seven Tottenham players in FIFA 17 Team of the Season

That’s more than any other team in the Premier League.

For those of you who are avid FIFA 17 Ultimate Team players and also Tottenham Hotspur fans, we’ve got some good news for you today. The FUT Team of the Season cards are out, and there are plenty of Spurs players represented.

Yep, that’s seven Tottenham Hotspur players in the TOTS. Kyle Walker (89), Jan Vertonghen (91), Dele Alli (91), and Harry Kane (94) all made the TOTS starting XI, while Hugo Lloris (94), Toby Alderweireld (91), and Christian Eriksen (93) are included in the overall squad.

If you’re keeping track, that’s seven Spurs players in the overall TOTS, which is one more than Chelsea has. Neener neener, Blues fans. You may have the title, but we have more players in the team of the season of a video game. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

I don’t play FIFA so someone else will have to tell me if the statistics on the Spurs player cards are good or underrated or whatever. But from a point of ignorance, I take issue with Harry Kane’s defense rating of 62 — considering how much he helps in the high press, I feel that does him a disservice.

Sound off, FUT fans. Happy with this?