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WATCH: Christian Eriksen destroys two Hong Kong children in indoor football

Back down against school kids? Christian Eriksen backs down to NO ONE.

Tottenham Hotspur are in Hong Kong on a post-season trip getting ready to play the HK Premier League champion Kitchee SC at Hong Kong Stadium on Friday. That also means that Spurs players are connecting with Hong Kong Spurs fans in a market that is crazy about football. Tottenham’s twitter account has been posting a lot of photos and videos from the team’s trip.

Then there’s this. Today, @spursofficial tweeted a video of Christian Eriksen playing a little indoor footy in a gymnasium, and he absolutely WRECKS two Hong Kong school children.

Christian Eriksen takes football very seriously, and he’s not going to let anything get in the way of that, even a couple of school kids. Stay down, nine-year old goalie, you can’t handle these skills!

Actually, we shouldn’t be surprised. Eriksen has a history of obliterating small children at football. A couple of years ago, Eriksen appeared in a Samsung ad where nutmegs a two-year old on the street and makes him cry.

That could be construed as totally mean. But hey, that toddler didn’t bring his A-game, amirite? And I’m willing to bet that one of those kids in the gymnasium remembers this and uses it as motivation to get better and become the Hong Kong Messi.