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Spurs season ticket holders can buy their White Hart Lane seat for £50

You can have your own cut-rate impossibly small piece of the Lane!

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton - Premier League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

White Hart Lane is being torn down this summer, with the iconic Tottenham Hotspur stadium being closed to the public shortly after the final home game against Manchester United on May 14. While memories will remain forever, season ticket holders who want to own a piece of White Hart Lane will have an opportunity to actually purchase their physical seat.

An email from the the club to season ticket holders stated that those who wish to do so can purchase their own undersized blue plastic folding chair for £50. The seats, which include the ones take out of the North East corner before its demolishing earlier this season, will come with presentation boxes.

Thanks to @chopchop16 for forwarding the email.

So, in my one and only visit to the Lane for April’s Bournemouth match, I was in fact struck by the seats. Specifically, I was struck by absolutely underwhelming they were. Not only were they toddler-sized and crammed together in rows that make it a near physical impossibility to actually sit down and be comfortable beside your neighbors, they also stuck out as being extremely flimsy blue plastic. At least on mine, there were no distinguishing characteristics — no cockerel, no Tottenham Hotspur in white letters. They were just... blue. And plastic. And pretty darned ordinary.

In fact, I believe my exact words to Earl of Shoop (my match and travel companion on the trip) were “Wow, these seats suck.” (Thankfully, our tickets were in the Park End, which meant that my total time actually sitting in the seats was minimal.)

That said, I am certainly not going to criticize anyone who wants to purchase a White Hart Lane seat. Season ticket holders who have been polishing the same (or a similar) plastic seat for years have a much more sentimental rationale for wanting to buy one. In fact, I’m not at all surprised that the club is selling the seats, as it’s a common enough thing to do when a historic stadium gets torn down. The allure of owning a piece of a stadium, no matter how small and extruded that piece is, that has stood in some form since 1898 and that you have an emotional attachment to, is palpable. I completely understand it, even as I acknowledge that I am not the target demographic.

For non-season ticket holders, the club also announced on the official website that One Hotspur club members who renew their membership before the end of the week will receive as part of their welcome package a key ring with actual blades of grass from the White Hart Lane pitch. Requests for specific patches of grass (like from where Danny Rose was standing when he scored that goal) will presumably not be honored.