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There’s been another 2017-18 Tottenham kit leak, and these look legit

These look like they might actually be Spurs’ home shirts for next season.

We have seen a number of potential Tottenham Hotspur 2017-18 kit designs hit the internet the past few weeks, and now there’s another one out there on Twitter. And these look like they just might be legitimate.

The original source, @e_spursthailand, deleted their tweet, but I got a low-resolution screenshot of the original tweet and full resolution photos before it went away. And here they are.

Firstly, there’s a great deal of detail in these kits, from the subtle patterns in the fabric, to the “SPURS” detail on the back collar. The cockerel-in-shield emblem is there, and the AIA logo is red.

Moreover, this looks an awful lot like Manchester City’s new Nike kits, which were released today (to great fanfare). The half collar in particular looks very close to what we see here in the Spurs shirt.

There are some interesting details as well. The front of the shoulder pieces are what look like Dri-Fit mesh, but the backs of the shoulders are a different pattern (come on Nike, you know you can’t mix polka dots and stripes). The blue underarm details have some weird white stitching that makes it look stripey. I imagine this will be paired with blue shorts most of the time, except for when we’re in Europe.

So let’s assume that they’re real. What do we think? Frankly, while I find myself pretty underwhelmed, it’s more or less what I expected out of a Nike kit: a standard but modified template, somewhat boring, but completely inoffensive. There’s nothing here NOT to like, there’s just not much here that distinguishes it from, well, any other Nike kit.

My verdict: an emphatic and loud MEH, shouted down from the mountain top.

I wouldn’t NOT buy one, and by the end of the season, depending on how the season has gone, I might even fall in love with them, like I did with this year’s home shirts. But these don’t, by any means, blow me away.

What do you think?