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Thursday Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for June 1st

Jake is definitely still away, so you get me.

Birmingham City V Fulham- Sky Bet Championship

Happy Thursday, Spursland!

Jake is still away on vacation and I was supposed to write the Hoddle for Wednesday, but I’m easily distracted and completely forgot about it.

I almost forgot about this one too, because I was too busy playing the new Friday the 13th game.

If you haven’t checked it out, if anyone remembers the game that came out a couple of years ago called Evolve, it’s essentially the same system: One player is Jason and everyone else are the counselors. The counselors need to find any way to survive the full 20 minute round, whether it’s escape via car, call the police, or just hide from Jason before he kills you in any number of ways.

The game is pretty fun, though it’s a bit buggy. I’ll be spending some time on it this weekend along with a VR game called Superhot.

Moving on to Tottenham Hotspur-related news, it looks as though Ryan Sessegnon isn’t going to be quite the slam dunk that we thought, if The Mirror (stifle your laughter) is to be believed.

Here’s a straight forward question for all of you to get your Thursday started. Given Spurs’ lineup right now, if I gave you free choice over any player under the age of 25 to join Tottenham this summer, who do you go with and why? There are a number of players that come to mind, but let’s see who values what position the most to strengthen the lineup.

And now the “news”....

Manchester United vs Tottenham transfer scrap looming over Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham - The Mirror

This is the aforementioned transfer battle, and while I’m sure United would love to get their hands on another teenager that’s a possible stud, I’m sure Sessegnon has heard Mou’s glowing press conferences about Luke Shaw and wonder if he’d get the same treatment. Stay in London, Ryan.

Chelsea winger Willian £43m target for Bayern Munich as they look to replace Douglas Costa - The Sun

Costa looks like a lock to be on his way out of Bayern. Again, come to Tottenham Douglas!

Real Madrid will smash the world transfer record to land top target and £100m man Eden Hazard - The Sun

Do numbers even mean anything anymore in the transfer world? Clubs are just throwing around cash like they’re playing Monopoly nowadays.

That’s it from me! Enjoy your Thursday!