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Friday Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for June 2

The end of the week is here!

Hull City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Rejoice, hoddlers! Friday is here, which means that it’s just a matter of surviving one more day of work before the weekend can be utilized for fun, projects, or being lazy.

At work on Thursday, I ended up having an impromptu discussion with a former co-worker who has since moved on to a new department in the company. He’s an AC Milan fan, and all he cared about this summer was that his club had better hang onto Gianluigi Donnarumma. Milan managed to nab the final Europa League spot for the upcoming season, though they’ll have some qualifying to do before hitting the group stages. He also told me that one of his direct supervisors is a Tottenham Hotspur supporter, leading me to offer this person an invite to come watch matches with our local group come August.

Then came the question I knew he wanted to ask me all along regarding Spurs. It’s the question I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves:

How do you think Tottenham will do in Wembley next year?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be a huge concern. Spurs played five matches at Wembley last season. They were outplayed by Monaco, which looks a lot less awful at the end of the season. They had issues with a Leverkusen team that hadn’t quite gone off the rails just yet, then handled CSKA Moscow. After that, we have the Gent match which was lost due to being down a man, and finally the Chelsea loss which Spurs controlled most of that match and had some bad luck go against them.

I know that this is going to be the #Narrative for next season, especially if the club gets off to a slow start, but I’m not concerned about it and we really shouldn’t be until the season gets here.

And now the “news”....

Tottenham’s transfer queue just added one big name. - Fansided

Yeah, I’d love to have Lemar. It would be a move that everyone can get excited about, which ultimately means that we’ll get gazumped by someone else not even named right now.

Tottenham tipped to make huge transfer announcement in coming days. - 90 minutes

Kevin Gameiro would be...okay? I guess? It’s no big secret he’s kind of an ass, and there’s no way in hell he’d start over Kane.

A comically low number of people went to the Marlins game yesterday. - Deadspin

Imagine going to a sporting event and actually dealing with less traffic than rush hour on most days. That’s what going to a Marlins game is like, apparently.

Warriors look disgustingly unstoppable in Game 1 blowout victory. - Deadspin

The third chapter in the Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals novel started last night with Golden State blowing the doors off of Cleveland. I’m surprised it was as close as it was before the Warriors pulled away for good.