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Tuesday Hoddle of Coffee, Soccer News and Notes, June 20, 2017

Did City find a new right back?

SS Lazio v Juventus FC - TIM Cup Final Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

The latest transfer market rumor is an intriguing one for Spurs fans: Dani Alves is expected to terminate his deal with Juventus, paving the way for the right back to move to English giants Chelsea or Manchester City. Of the two, City seems the likelier scenario given Alves’s relationship with City manager Pep Guardiola.

The knockdown effect for Spurs is a good one: If City is going to commit a considerable amount of money in wages to Alves, will they also be ready to part with £40m+ to sign Kyle Walker? And if City isn’t going to chase Walker, does that leave the English international at Spurs come the 2017-18 season?

I suspect this will be one of the storylines to follow this summer: How do the transfer moves at bigger clubs impact what Spurs can or cannot do? I can think of one other current rumor that could affect our summer: The possibility of Critiano Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford. Should United make a move for the Portuguese attacker, it’s hard to see how they will also have the funds to make other signings this summer, potentially including an attempt to sign Spurs utility man Eric Dier who comes with a £50m price tag.

So if Alves is off to Manchester, where do you all think that leaves Walker? Does he stay at Spurs or does he try and force a move to Manchester United or Chelsea?