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Wednesday Hoddle of Coffee, Transfer News Roundup, June 21, 2017

We have some of the big headlines from yesterday.

AC ChievoVerona v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

I want to try a new Hoddle format today that may work well during the summer transfer window. I’m going to just amass some of the day’s big headlines plus a few interesting stories about how different teams are approaching the window. That said, I’m going to be a bit choosier about what rumors or news items I post since a lot of stuff that gets published in the summer is very very Bat Country and I don’t want to promote that stuff. So, here we go:

First, the Dani Alves move to City is all but finalized. We also have some firmer financial numbers now: The deal could play out two ways. First, it could be a £5m fee to Juventus and an £85,000/week wage packet for Alves. Second, it could be a free transfer with the same wages. £85,000/week over two years amounts to £8.85m. If you add the £5m fee, that would be an almost £14m layout for City to sign a right back in his mid 30s. On the one hand, Alves’s age may mean that City wants to buy another right back this summer as backup. On the other, if you’re already investing £14m in signing one right back, are you really going to want to get into a bidding war with Daniel Levy over another right back? Given that City also has issues in midfield and the other defensive positions (and possibly in goal as well) that seems unlikely to me.

Wolfsburg sign Belgian teenage striker Nany Diamata.

Another complication with Kyle Walker: It looks like Juventus may look to sign United’s Italian right back Matteo Darmian to replace Alves. If that were to happen, you have to think Walker would immediately become United’s top target at right back.

Barcelona, meanwhile, have reportedly signed Brazilian midfielder Lucas Lima. The 26-year-old is a creative midfielder able to play in deeper roles or in the attacking third and would join the club in January 2018. Perhaps this means there won’t be interest in Christian Eriksen, at least for this summer?

Liverpool are almost certainly signing Roma’s Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah. This is an excellent signing for them according to the folks at Stats Bomb.

Now Jose Mourinho is facing charges of tax evasion dating back to his time in Spain with Real Madrid. Honest question: At this point is it easier to say what personnel associated with Barça or Madrid actually do pay taxes?