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Tottenham formally announce apparel deal with Nike

The worst kept secret is official.

The Row Continues Over Tottenham Hotspur Or West Ham United Bid For The Olympic Stadium Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

As of midnight tonight, Tottenham Hotspur’s contract with Maryland-based Under Armour will formally come to an end. The deal has seen it’s highs and lows, with most supporters enjoying the unique spin on kits and rarely seeming to miss the mark. The lows, of course, being the paltry £10m/year contract that came with it, which put Spurs well behind the giants of the EPL.

Today, Tottenham Hotspur have officially announced that Nike will be the new official outfitter for the club, ending the five year partnership with Under Armour.

Thanks to the growth of the club, appearances in the Champions League, and threatening for the league title, Spurs have taken a big step forward and are able to look for greener pastures and bigger paydays. While I enjoyed most of what Under Armour brought to the table with kits, shirts, and jackets, there’s no denying that the money just wasn’t going to cut it. There’s also good reason to believe that Daniel Levy wasn’t happy with the lack of marketing by Under Armour and the difficulty that international fans had finding gear.

The deal with Nike is reportedly another five year deal, though the fee per year is something that outlets can’t seem to agree upon. The numbers most reported are between £25m-£30m per season, with the latter of those numbers being the one we’ve seen the most. Either number is a healthy step up from the Under Armour deal.

Spurs have also announced that the kit unveiling will occur tomorrow, which is the official start of the fiscal year. We’ve already seen leaks for what are believed to be all three kits, though there are going to be split opinions because of Nike’s insistence on using templates and basically copy/pasting colors into them.

We’ll have the kit unveiling for you tomorrow once the club formally announces them, even though we all probably know what’s coming.