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Wednesday Hoddle of Coffee, I’m Back, June 7, 2017

So what did I miss?

2016 Summer TCA Tour - Day 2 Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Gotta make the Hamilton jokes when I can.

Anyway, after a week away from y’all, I’m back and ready for teh #banter. I was on the road with family driving from Nebraska down to South Carolina (with our two- and four-year-olds who both did surprisingly well with all the driving). One highlight from my week:

So I was driving to SC for a conference that a non-profit I work for sponsors every year. The conference is a cabin up in the mountains northwest of Greenville.

It is remote. It is, as I said, in the mountains. So it is easy to get lost. This is what happened to me. It was 12:10am. I had just gone too far on the road and driven down a long, narrow, bending gravel road that ended with a chain literally blocking the road. I was not able to turn around because there was not room to do so. So I called a friend who was already at the conference:

This is what I have to work with y’all.

For the record, I successfully backed up the car about 40 yards around a winding mountain gravel road in the dark without running into any trees or falling off a cliff and dying. As a lifelong Nebraskan, I was quite proud of myself once I was back on the pavement.

So. How were y’all?