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Tottenham officially release 2017-18 home and away kits

The new shirts are here, and they proved the kit leaks correct.

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It’s not a surprise, but it is official. Tottenham Hotspur formally announced the club’s home and away kits for the 2017-18 Premier League season at midnight BST, and they are exactly what we thought they would be.

As like what usually happens, the kit designs leaked online and in stores weeks ahead of the actual release date, and perhaps because of that Spurs decided not to do a hugely hyped-up release for these kits. The club did use a (mildly annoying) #ITK message on Twitter in the days before the reveal, and had a live camera on a part of the new stadium where a mural of the players modeling the new shirt was hidden behind a tarp. Otherwise, this is a pretty low-key release. The club announced the long-awaited kit partnership with Nike on Friday.

The shirts themselves are exactly what the leaks said they’d be: simple, understated designs in solid white for the homes and navy blue for the aways, with simple detailing and a cockerel-in-a-shield crest that harkens back to the designs of the 1960s. In fact, the only thing that’s new here is the yellow keeper kit modeled by Hugo Lloris, which frankly, looks really fantastic. The away keeper kit is green and white.

The shirts are for sale now at Tottenham’s club shop and will no doubt be modeled in person when Spurs travel to the USA in late July to participate in the International Champions Cup. The third kits, widely expected to be a purple camouflage pattern, will be released later on.