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Did PSG just beat Tottenham to the signing of Juan Foyth?


Chelsea v Paris Saint-Germain FC - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

It’s rare when you get to watch a GAZUMPING in real time, but that may be what we’re seeing right now, and it’s not good news for Tottenham Hotspur. There are plenty of reports emerging from Argentine and French sports sources that suggest that PSG might have just beaten Spurs to the signing of highly rated 19-year old center back Juan Foyth.

Well, THIS sucks. This morning, everyone was pretty much in agreement that Spurs and Estudiantes had worked out a deal and that all that was left to do was figure out the work permit issue. Now it seems as though PSG has SWOOPED in with SHOCK BID of €9.5m and SURPRISED Spurs.

PSG just appointed Henrique as their new Sporting Director in June and he was tasked with bringing in “stars of the future.” Foyth would certainly qualify: he’s an under the radar player but one who has a bright future ahead of him.

If this is true this is super aggravating. Foyth was looking like he was certain to be Tottenham’s first signing of the transfer window and a natural understudy for Toby Alderweireld. We’ll keep tracking the story, but get ready to throw things because it looks like Spurs may have just got Willian’d. Again.