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Leaks show what could be Tottenham’s 2017-18 third kits

Can you say “purple camouflage”? I knew you could.

Much of the drama about Tottenham Hotspur’s new 2017-18 kits was extinguished weeks ago when the new designs for both the home and away shirts were leaked on Twitter. The shirts themselves were released to the public on July 1, and are now available for purchase.

But what we haven’t seen are the third kits. Until maybe now!

Yes, that’s another Spurple third kit for Tottenham, and with a subtle camouflage pattern. And I think I’m in love with it.

Footy Headlines, which nailed the design elements of this year’s home and away kits and is generally correct on all aspects of new kit design, suggested this very camo pattern months ago. To be fair, we’re not 100% sure if this leak is accurate or not, as it comes from essentially some rando on Twitter. But it’s 100% plausible: it looks a lot like the home and away kit, and carries over the alternating color shoulder elements from last year’s Nike template. Even if this design isn’t accurate, I would expect the thirds to look an awful lot like it.

Curious to know what you think. I would buy the hell out of it, and I’m not a camo fan. But I am a sucker for a good Spurple third kit, and this is most certainly that.