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Kane on transfers: no new players are better than the wrong player

Harry Kane sat down with ESPN, and like his gaffer isn’t especially worried about Spurs’ lack of movement in the transfer market.

England Media Access Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

One of the best things about Tottenham Hotspur being in USA for their preseason participation in the International Champions Cup is that they get the full attention of the World-Wide Leader. Say what you will about ESPN’s coverage, when they want to cover something they generally do it very well.

Kane got to sit down with Dan Thomas for a nice, substantial interview, and Spurs’ talismanic striker said that, like his gaffer, he’s not stressing over the club’s lack of incoming transfers.

I definitely think the squad’s good enough [to win the title]. Not many people changed last year and we took it right to the end. Look, the manager will make his decisions, and there’s a long time left in the transfer window. So there’s no need to panic or rush anything. I think it’s clear you’d rather have no players than a player that isn’t really right for your team. I’m sure that the gaffer wants to get the person that he wants to get in. He’ll take his time and make sure he gets in who he wants.

From our point of view we’re just here to work hard. The team we’ve got is a special team and we’ve been playing with each other for a few years so it’s important to continue that chemistry. And whoever does come in comes into our philosophy and the way we play. We’ll see what happens, there’s a long way to go but we’re just concentrating on what’s on the pitch.

Spurs’ lack of movement in the transfer market compared to their rivals for top four has been a continual point of concern in the media and amongst fans. But one thing they don’t have to worry about is Kane himself leaving the club. Harry again stated in no uncertain terms that he’s at Tottenham because he loves the club, and his motivations do not go beyond wanting to win things in north London.

There haven’t been any rumors, because everyone knows I’m a Spurs player and that’s where I want to be for the foreseeable future. I have a great relationship with the manager, I have a great relationship with the fans and the club, so there’s no reason to change that.

We’re a team going in the right direction, and again I expect us to be up there fighting for that title again, and hopefully we can turn some of that ambition into wins.

For me, football isn’t about money, and I think it is for a lot of players. It is what it is. People go to different clubs for different reasons. I’m very much at Tottenham because I love this club and I see it going in a great direction. I feel like we’re one of the best clubs in England and in Europe as well, so I’m excited for the future ahead.

Kane also finally cleared up the issue of his dogs’ names. A big NFL fan, everyone assumed that his dogs — Brady and Wilson — were named after Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, the two top quarterbacks in the league at the time he named them. There was even a mini controversy over the dogs’ names and their, erm, color. Harry said, well, that’s half right.

Yeah, it’s a funny story. Tom Brady was one of my biggest inspirations, so I named one of the dogs Brady. And the other one was actually my fiancee’s choice. She just liked the name Wilson, so I said definitely we’ll go with that one. Obviously everyone now thinks it was for Tom Brady and Russell Wilson, but it was actually just for Tom Brady and she chose the other one.

The full ESPN interview is available online and is worth watching. Spurs play Paris Saint-Germain Saturday evening at 8:00 p.m. ET (1:00 a.m. Sunday, UK time) and the match will be televised on ESPN here in the States.