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WATCH: Eric Dier scores crazy goal to put Spurs up on PSG

Well, that was something!

Tottenham Hotspur went down early against PSG in their friendly International Champions Cup match against PSG in Orlando, but they came back thanks to a Christian Eriksen wonder strike.

But it was Eric Dier who got the go-ahead goal with this opportunistic blocked shot.

And that, kids, is why you press the keeper. Sure, 99 times out of a hundred the keeper’s going to get that long kick off, but every so often you’re going to get a boot to the ball. If that happens, there’s no telling what will happen. You might spook the keeper into making a mistake. Or you might even score! Dier happened to get his foot to the shot, and it luckily went into the net. He was delighted!

It’s been an entertaining first half at Camping World Stadium. Both teams have been pushing forward, and both teams have scored some crackers. Let’s hope that with the expected lineup changes for both sides the second half will be as fun as the first half!