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WATCH: Harry Kane drills a 50-yard field goal at Giants training center

Boom. Split the uprights.

kane seahawks helmet

Harry Kane is amazingly talented at football. He’s pretty good at soccer, too.

Kane, a noted NFL fan, had some time to visit the training ground for the NFL’s New York Giants ahead of Tottenham Hotspur’s International Champions Cup match against A.S. Roma at Red Bull Arena on Tuesday night. So what does an international soccer star do when he’s putzing around at an NFL training ground?

Try and kick a 50 yard field goal, of course.

And did he nail that field goal?


Blam. Right through the uprights. I’m no NFL expert, but that looks like some pretty good place kicker form to me.

Of course, he didn’t kick that field goal while in full pads on fourth down in a high pressure situation and with 11 angry special teams footballers trying to tackle him into next week. But it was still pretty good. Maybe Tampa Bay will draft him if this whole “Tottenham thing” doesn’t work out.