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Alderweireld: still no new contract talks with Tottenham

Nobody panic. It’s not time to panic.

International Champions Cup 2017 - Tottenham Hotspur v AS Roma Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

From all accounts, everything seems to be going very well for Tottenham Hotspur in Nashville. Accounts I’ve heard from fans (and CFC representatives) who are in attendance say things are proceeding smoothly and that Nashville is a hell of a town to visit for a football match.

But if you’re looking for something to be worried about, potentially there’s this: Toby Alderweireld has reportedly NOT had any recent talks with Spurs about renewing his contract, according to Sky Sports.

"No news that I know of so," Alderweireld told Sky Sports News before Tottenham's International Champions Cup clash with Manchester City in Nashville.

So, before you read this and start to get that feeling in your gut, let’s also remember that Toby is only just back in the side after summer recess and the club is presently on tour in a foreign country. That doesn’t necessarily preclude contract discussions, but it does make it significantly harder, and there’s no real reason to do it now.

Toby’s contract expires in 2019, and Spurs can exercise an option in his contract to keep him a year longer... but doing so automatically inserts a £25m release clause. Naturally, the club wants that gone. Moreover, there aren’t any murmurs of discontent coming from Alderweireld or his camp ahead of these future negotiations. All indications are that Toby loves Spurs, and the club loves Toby.

So no new contract talks is slightly concerning, but there’s still plenty of time for this to all get done. Maybe it’ll happen later this summer when Tottenham return to London ahead of the start of the new season. In any event, it’s not time to worry quite yet.