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Saturday Not-the-Hoddle open thread

Let’s talk Tottenham, Nashville, and any/everything else.

International Champions Cup 2017 - Paris Saint-Germain v Tottenham Hotspur Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

One of these days I’ll remember to schedule an open thread on Friday night so I don’t wake up on Saturday morning and think “Oh, the Not-The-Hoddle.”

That day... is not today.

I know that there are at least three members of the CFC writing staff in Nashville right now — GN Punk, Earl of Shoop, Ben Daniels — and a large number of Carty-Free readers also there. I wish I were there with you. So for those who are there and can take a few minutes to tap something out on their phone: how’s it going? What have been the highlights/lowlights? Give us something to go on here!

Everybody else: talk amongst yourselves. This is your open thread: go.