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The “Dele Wave” is in FIFA 18


EA Sports held a big live stream on Tuesday to reveal a bunch of new content for their wildly popular game mode Ulitmate Team. One big feature shown off was the new animations for opening packs. One of the new things this years is signature celebrations being added in. To show this off properly, one of the examples used was Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli:

Yes, that’s right. The famous “Dele Wave” is now in FIFA 18. It’s unclear if you can actually do the celebration in-game (you would assume so, but it’s not official), but if you’re lucky enough to pack Dele Alli, you’ll get to see his smiling wave celebration as he walks onto your screen.

The demo shows his rating as 84, although no ratings are final yet. We’ll probably have to wait until early September when the build-up to release begins to find out his official rating. FIFA 18 officially releases worldwide on September 29.