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Dele Alli nutmegs Sonny, photographer

Dele’s back nutmegging people for fun and everything is right again with the world.

Just when you think that thanks to the transfer window Spurs are in the darkest timeline and everything looks bleak and terrible, Dele Alli is here to save us from our demons. Tottenham Hotspur posted two short videos on Twitter today showing Dele is back to his nutmegging ways. And not a moment too soon.

First, here’s Dele nutmegging a photographer along with what looks like goalkeeping coach Toni Jimenez. Why? Because yes, that’s why.

But that’s easy. Next he ends up nutmegging Son Heung-Min, who was prepared and expecting him to do it.

Look at the joy in his reaction! I have missed this so much. I think I can even handle signing Ross Barkley with the knowledge that if nothing else Dele will be there to nutmeg him on camera every so often.

Also notable: Sonny has his cast off! That’s great news for Spurs, as it’s an indication that he’s close to returning to training, or perhaps has already. It’d be fantastic to see him play against Juventus this Saturday.