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Tottenham vs. Burnley: final score 1-1, Spurs concede injury time equalizer


Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur had a golden opportunity to break the so-called “Wembley Curse” and get a big three points at “home” this season. But despite a second half goal from Dele Alli, Spurs conceded an injury time goal to Clarets striker Chris Wood and limped to a 1-1 draw.

The first half can be summed up by essentially one word: snore. Burnley spent virtually the entire first half with nine men behind the ball and camped in their own half. Spurs had the vast bulk of the possession and had plenty of time with the ball but were unable to break down a bunkered Burnley defense.

Burnley had a few bright moments early on, winning a few corners, but none really threatened Tottenham. They had a couple of counterattacks but none really amounted to anything.

Spurs had two halfway decent chances, both through Kane. In the 19th minute, Ben Davies had a free kick that found Kane’s head, but Harry couldn’t find the target and put his attempt high. In the 38th minute, Davies fizzed another low ball across the face of goal and found Kane, but his point-blank shot was blocked away.

Spurs ended the first half with 14 shots, but none on target. It was a bore-fest first half that ended 0-0.

Spurs went into the second half knowing they’d need a breakthrough to open up the match, and they got one three minutes from the kick. Christian Eriksen’s corner from the right side dropped to Dele Alli in the box. His first shot was blocked, but he was there to poke the rebound into the net to put Spurs up 1-0.

From there the match opened up a bit as Burnley no longer had the luxury to park men behind the ball. Spurs took advantage of the extra space, stretching the match with long balls and trying to double their advantage.

Harry Kane had a lung-busting run midway through the half, but with two players wide open for the pass, his cross was deflected and the ball was easily collected by Tom Heaton.

Sissoko was a late substitute for Son Heung-Min and — remarkably -- breathed life into the match, putting in a few good passes and making some decent runs into space. Spurs had a number of opportunities to double their lead in the last 15 minutes, including a couple of good shots from Harry Kane but because we can’t have the media talking about anything else this week, Heaton was there to keep him out and the August curse alive.

Spurs just needed to not concede for the last five minutes of the match to get their first Premier League win at Wembley stadium. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do that. Kieran Trippier failed to track Chris Wood as he made a run towards goal, and Wood fired home past Hugo Lloris in the 92nd minute to earn the equalizer for Burnley. Spurs brought on Davinson Sanchez for Mousa Dembele for his Spurs debut, but it made no difference. Burnley got the result, and Spurs fans went home unhappy.

The final score was 1-1.


  • Burnley’s equalizer was 100% on Kieran Trippier, who had a shocking game. He was caught up field several times in this match — even Sissoko had to track back and save his butt on one occasion. On the goal he did not track Chris Wood, who, to be fair, took his goal well. He is simply not good enough.
  • Burnley played some cynical anti-football in the first half and it was awful. The first half was so dull I literally started tweeting about my cat.
  • I thought once Dele scored that Burnley would open up, and they did. But Spurs did not do a good enough job putting the game away, and were hilariously open at the back. It was absolutely clown-shoes in the last 15 minutes.
  • Want a positive? Moussa Sissoko was... what’s the word? Uh... “good!” He was making decent runs into space, passed the ball well, and even tracked back on defense.
  • Harry Kane will once again go another year without scoring in August. Can’t wait to hear about it next season.
  • Spurs have now dropped more “home” points at Wembley than they did all of last season.
  • I am angry. Very, very, very angry.