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Dele Alli: there’s “no need to worry” about Spurs at Wembley

Everything’s fine!

Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Dele Alli isn’t worried about Tottenham Hotspur’s form at Wembley Stadium. Speaking to reporters at England’s training camp ahead of the upcoming World Cup qualifiers this weekend, Alli says that despite dropping points to Chelsea and Burnley this season and the woeful record at England’s national stadium, he thinks the results will come, and quickly.

"I think both teams, for Tottenham and for England, we need to make the place a fortress, we need to do as well as we can. I think at Tottenham and England we have been playing very well, but more so at Tottenham, the results haven't quite been going our way yet, but I think there's no need to worry.

"I think if we were playing poorly, then it would be something to worry about, but we're playing very well, there's just a few things we need to tighten up on.

"We've been punished for a few, small errors and switching off at the wrong times in the later stages of the game.

"It is important that we work on that and keep improving, but I think the results will be coming soon.

"It is a fantastic stadium. We all love playing there -- all the players here."

Spurs have won just once in their last 12 games at Wembley, and considering how strong they were at White Hart Lane last season, many fans are worried about their home form dipping this season. In fact, Spurs have already dropped as many points at “home” this year than they did all last season at White Hart Lane.

Fans can almost certainly expect a dip in results this season, as it’s never easy to transition to a new location. However, Alli’s right in that Spurs have actually played quite well at home — going back to the FA Cup semifinal defeat to Chelsea, you can certainly argue that they have been the better club in nearly all those matches.

Curses aren’t a thing, and the media loves to play up anything that drives discussion, like the idea that Spurs are going to struggle now that White Hart Lane is gone. Unfortunately, that line of debate isn’t going away until Spurs actually, y’know, win.