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Report: Celtic striker Moussa Dembele’s agents meet with Spurs officials

Guess what: the Twossa rumors are back!

Celtic v Rangers - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

We are entering into that time of the transfer window where rumors come thick and fast. Many of them will not pan out. But some will! So we widen our net and embrace the crazy.

And speaking of crazy, guess who’s connected to Tottenham Hotspur again? It’s our old friend Moussa Dembele! (No, not that Moussa Dembele, the one who used to play for Fulham. ...No, the OTHER Moussa Dembele who used to play for Fulham.)

Check out this tweet from a Yahoo France journalist:

Run that through the Google machine and you get the following:

The agents of Moussa Dembele (Celtic) would have met the leaders of Tottenham last week in London and this week in Paris.

But Menno, you say, that probably doesn’t mean anything. You’re right, it probably doesn’t. But it might! And since we enter into the final day of the transfer window tomorrow, that means that any and all rumors get magnified greatly.

You remember Dembele — he’s the striker we tried to sign a couple of years ago from Fulham when he was young and scoring goals for fun in the Championship. Spurs were on the verge of signing him for peanuts in 2015 but backed off for some reason and he ended up going to Celtic, where he has scored 32 goals in two seasons.

This kind of transfer probably only makes sense if Spurs are thinking of moving on Vincent Janssen, which based on his comments yesterday seems like a non-zero percent probability. “Twossa” is 21 now, and despite playing very well in a crappy league, there’s a line of reasoning that says his skills could translate to the Premier League more than Janssen’s.

Agents meeting with club officials isn’t much to go on, but it’s not nothing, either. And as we careen to the close of the window, we’ll consider (nearly) everything.

UPDATE: Get French Football News is now on record saying the links between Twossa and Tottenham are “total garbage.” Welp.