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PSG offered Angel Di Maria and Lucas Moura to Tottenham, who said no

One was rejected for being too expensive, and the other for not being good enough.

International Champions Cup 2017 - AS Roma v Paris Saint-Germain

This isn’t a transfer rumor. Really, it’s more of an ANTI-transfer rumor that you can potentially use to get irrationally angry with the window (assuming you’re not already). According to the Independent, which is based on reports from France Football, Paris St. Germain offered both Lucas Moura and Angel Di Maria to Tottenham Hotspur this summer as a way to recoup some of the money back that they spent on Neymar.

Great, right? But here’s the kicker: Spurs reportedly turned them both down. Di Maria was apparently rejected because he was deemed too expensive (though it’s not clear whether that was transfer fee, wages, or both), and Lucas because Mauricio Pochettino apparently didn’t think he was of high enough quality to play in the Premier League.

The Di Maria rumor I get. A quick, totally-accurate-I’m-sure Google tells me that Di Maria is currently on about £140k/week which in the current Tottenham wage structure is a non-starter. But I have questions about Lucas. He’s only 25, plays right wing (a position of need), and scored 19 goals in all competitions last season for PSG. He’d probably be had for cheap, and is reportedly on £73k/week wages. He certainly SEEMS like a player Spurs should be irrationally excited about, but hey, I’m not Pochettino, so what do I know?

PSG is already getting about £25m back from Spurs for the purchase of Serge Aurier, but it’s not hard to be a little disappointed that the Lucas thing didn’t at least get a greater look. He certainly seems like he’d be an upgrade to Moussa Sissoko.